Networking is an investment in your business

Networking, also known as computer networking, is the practice of transporting and exchanging data between nodes over a shared medium in an information system.



What is Hardware and Networking ? And Why Hardware and Networking ?

Considering the fact that our day to day life revolves around Technology, let take a look at few of the examples such as Personal Computer, Laptops, Mobile, Desktop Computer, Internet and so on. Not only us personally, everyone wants to make their life easier using Technology. The word Hardware and Networking deals with the components which are installed inside the devices which help in processing the job assigned, the components involves a Processor, Motherboard, RAM (Random Access Memory) these would be listed in the internal components there are external components like the Modem, Printer, Keyboards and the latest addition to the list are IOT (Internet of Things) devices, these are considered to be in the Personal Area Network. Where you are connected to the Internet and the rest of the device are on that same Network, rather a simple network where YOU solely are the Network Manager you arrange according to your requirement

In the same way as you were the Manager/ Engineer to design and create your own Personal Area Network which is limited to your work and personal use, listing all the above mentioned components. Now, let’s consider you have a big company to run, so these devices with the small range will limit your usage. However, the solution for this is understanding the Devices that are used in the companies with a larger scope. They would definitely have devices that would help fulfil the need in the larger network. These device could be named as Router, Switches, Firewall and many more latest Network and Security devices.We learn and understand about the Hardware and the Operating System in the devices and how the Devices work and functions when configured or managed. Because as our belief we understand that learning the hardware is equally important so that we understand the functionality of that specific component. And later use its function for Networking.

Internet – it is such a simple terminology to read and understand. Let me now simplify this for everyone. Internet is a term derived from the word Interconnection of Network. How are the network connected? By using the Device such as the Router, Switches being the main support of Hardware and Networking, later we also involve Security devices such as Firewall and many more. Networking – a simple example of Networking can be, connecting two phones together over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to share photos and exchange files, by using any application. The same thing can happen with Personal Computer or laptop, there can be two modes 1. Wired connection & 2. Wireless connection. So, we do networking to exchange information share resources which can be a printer. Learning or studying the process on how the network has been formed is what is called Networking. So, learning about the Hardware is equally important in order to use it in a Network.

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